Emoshape Update – CEO

Hello, Over the past few months, new developments have taken place thick and fast at Emoshape, and it is my pleasure to share them with all of you. Ever since the inception of Emoshape mid-2017, the company’s valuation has increased steadily on a regular...
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The Erosion Of Empathy In Healthcare

The erosion of empathy in healthcare is a well-known phenomenon in medical schools. According to a 2009 study for the NCBI, erosion of empathy begins in most medical students from the third year and continues to decline until graduation. The study concluded...
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當機械人擁有情感 – Bloomberg

當機械人擁有情感 ● Emoshape創辦人兼行政總裁Patrick Levy-Rosenthal在2018消費電子展中 接受本刊訪問,分享研發過程。
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