Gartner Research Feature Emoshape

Gartner Research Speak out about Emoshape: “We are still at the early stage of what will be an emotional system… However, New York-based startup Emoshape has developed its own CPU optimized to handle emotional data. The technology has the potential...
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當機械人擁有情感 – Bloomberg

當機械人擁有情感 ● Emoshape創辦人兼行政總裁Patrick Levy-Rosenthal在2018消費電子展中 接受本刊訪問,分享研發過程。
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Meet Emoshape at the CES 2018

Emoshape @ CES 2018 Ray Kurzweil once said Computers will possess emotions and personality, Emoshape is making that happen, meet us at CES 2018. View on Floor Plan: Sands, Hall G – 53064 To Book an Appointment Click Here and select a day  
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