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Get one EPU II USB Dongle + SDK  + Python AAA source code (Advanced Affective Agent)
SDK code  in QT allows you to compile cross platform ie: Windows 64 bit – Linux x86 and 64 bit – Raspberry Pi Linux ARM, Android, Mac OS X etc.

(This package comes with precompiled Windows, Linux Ubuntu and Raspberri Pi 3 binaries)
Estimated delivery: 10 days.

Guaranty: 1 year.

Refund policy: 2 weeks with a US$499 retainer fee.

R&D tax Credit: The EPU II Eval kit is illegible for up to 100% tax credit (depending on countries)


This SDK is for personal and commercial projects. License Limitations on Transfer and resell of data: Your limited license does not allow to transfer or resell any data from the Emotion processing Unit buffer for example, but not exclusively in a client server configuration.

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