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EPU2 Emotion Engine Dongle

$249.00 $189.00

Get one ExoLife Emotion Engine for your compatible game. + Drivers (Windows and Mac OS X – Other on demand)

ExoLife comes with WindowsMac OS X, Raspberry Pi (Stretch) and Ubuntu setup and DREAM the first game and VR experience using the ExoLife Emotion Engine. Linux and Android drivers are on demand.

Emoshape encourage developers to already develop games around ExoLife based on Unity and UE4 using our existing plugins. Click here to access our online documentation and plugins.
Only the full SDK with QT source comes with precompiled Windows, RPI and Linux (Ubuntu) binaries and allows you to compile cross platform ie: Android or Mac with QT)

Level 1   Unlimited conversation appraisal.

Estimated delivery: 2 weeks

EPU II Brochure & Technical description: Click Here

Guaranty: 1 year.

Refund policy: 2 weeks.


ExoLife is for personal and commercial projects. License Limitations on Transfer and resell of data: Your limited license does not allow to transfer or resell any data from the Emotion processing Unit buffer for example, but not exclusively in a client server configuration.

Nomenclature US:  COMMODITY CODE:  8542.31.00


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