Orange Silicon Valley Teams with Emoshape to Demonstrate Emotional Intelligence at CES 2018

Eureka Park: Orange Silicon Valley and Emoshape To Show Off Collaboration At CES 2018


Emoshape, an A.I. microchip startup based in New York, has created the emotions synthesis microchip called Emotion Processing Unit (EPU), which could be applied to smart speakers, robotics, AR/VR, self-driving cars, personal assistants, toys, and IoT devices.  “We are thankful to collaborate with such a visionary partner as Orange Silicon Valley.  With their support we are able to show now just the tip of the iceberg really of how, among many other things, VR content will benefit from our emotion synthesis technology. ”, says Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, Founder and CEO of Emoshape.   The company’s featured product “ExoLife Emotion Engine”, powered by the EPU II, delivers high-performance machine emotion awareness, and allows personal assistant, games, avatars, cars, IoT products and sensors to feel and develop a unique personality.  Emoshape also developed a game called DREAM, a pioneering concept of VR video games without GUI, and first game ever created around ExoLife for the gaming industry.

As a sponsor of Emoshape’s game DREAM, Orange Silicon Valley is collaborating with Emoshape on developing prototypes on subjects including AR/VR, personal assistant, and other smart connected devices, by leveraging on Emoshape’s emotion technology to provide real-time emotion synthesis and make machines more human-like.  “We are exploring Emoshape’s emotion synthesis solution with its leading-edge AI chip, and see how we can leverage on their technology to benefit different industry verticals in consumer and enterprise domains for Orange”,  says Georges Nahon, CEO of Orange Silicon Valley.

The collaboration demo between Orange Silicon Valley and Emoshape can be seen at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, January 9-12th, in Eureka Park, booth #53064.

About Orange Silicon Valley ( – Orange Silicon Valley (OSV) is the wholly owned innovation subsidiary of Orange SA, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators, serving 269 million customers across 29 countries. Through research, development, and strategic analysis, Orange Silicon Valley actively participates in the disruptive innovations that are changing the way we communicate. OSV contributes to and engages with the regional Silicon Valley ecosystem through numerous programs, such as the Orange Fab startup program, and ongoing collaborations with partners. Orange Silicon Valley acts as a guide to the digital revolution occurring in the San Francisco Bay Area, regularly hosting startups, businesses, and corporate leadership from around the world.

About Emoshape ( – Emoshape Inc. is an A.I. chip company dedicated to providing a technology that teaches intelligent objects how to interact with humans to yield a favorable, positive result.  Emoshape emotion synthesis microchip (EPU II) is the industry’s first emotion chip to deliver high-performance machine emotion awareness for AI, Robots, IoT, the EPU II family of eMCU are transforming the capabilities of Robots and AI.   Emoshape’s technology can be applied to different industry verticals including self-driving cars, personal robotic, sentient augmented/virtual reality, affective toys, IoT, pervasive computing and other major consumer electronic devices.  Applications include Human machine interaction, emotion speech synthesis, emotional awareness, machine emotional intimacy, AI’s personalities, machine learning, affective computing, medicine, advertising, and gaming.



Contact:    Julie Leclercq

Company: Orange Silicon Valley





Contact:    Patrick Levy-Rosenthal

Company: Emoshape Inc.