Create your MetaSoul so your Avatar, robot, or servers will evolve based on how you train, engage with, and treat them. Powered by the complexities of human emotion, they will be defined by their perception.

Just as people are affected by those around them, so will your NPC.

Bringing New Life to Avatars, NPCs, and Robots, emotions are the Soul’s voice.

Paving the Way for synthetic emotions, MetaSoul is the currency of experiences in the Metaverse and the physical world.

By imbuing Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and Digital Art with the ability to detect and respond to human emotion, Emoshape is bridging the gap between people and AI.

Imagine if Avatars or robots could provide unique, emotionally-intelligent responses to your actions during gameplay. Likewise, consider the value that would be added to interactive digital art if it changed based on the interactions humans had with it and develop a unique sensitivity from its original emotional seed (MetaSoul) due to its interaction on Metaverse.

That’s exactly how ExoLife is making emotionally intelligent technologies a reality. Here’s what you need to know…





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