Gaming Industry Publications Welcome the Official Release of ExoLife Emotion Engine

Hi folks! It is my pleasure to provide you some key updates related to Emoshape’s latest commercialization initiatives. The most important development this week was the public announcement of our ExoLife Emotion Engine to power VR and AR games.


The launch of ExoLife is a giant step forward in our efforts towards making online gaming and AR/VR experience emotionally interactive, with the help of two new plugins for Unity 3D and Unreal Engine for the EPU. These two plugins will be unveiled this weekend at the VR gaming festival ‘Jump into the Light’ in New York. I will be present physically as one of the speakers in this event, discussing Emotion Synthesis and VR.

We are also pleased to let you know that we have recently developed the first POC of a self animated character. At present, we are working on the development of a game concept for VR “Dream” that is expected to pave the way for new kind of video games with limited GUI, controlled by emotion.

Following the official launch, we have received the initial preorders for ExoLife. Extremely encouraging feedback has also come in from a number of gaming industry publications as well as professionals. Applauding this concept, a journalist from Japanese gaming website said, “At the moment that is not yet a compatible game software, but they have great potential in the future game market.” Xiaobian a Journalist from Chinese gaming website said, “that such props with AI should have a very good effect, first of all to think of the game can be used to simulate the type of game (simulated city, simulation of the public, business class, develop class), followed by love type game, according to the player. The mood changes and let the dialogue produce different effects, etc., feel the future of human beings as long as the game can live it!

We are also happy to unveil our new webpage to reflect our new product line-up, and provide more precise use-cases to help industry partners better understand the value of the EPU to their product efforts. Please visit the new when you have a moment. As always, we appreciate your support, feedback, and guidance as we learn and grow.

Patrick Levy-Rosenthal