First Dream Ever Constructed In Real-time – Exolife – NYVR 2017

NYVR 2017 – Dream First Demo to the public. First game ever created around the Emotion Engine dongle for the Gaming industry.
Each time you enter the DREAM the ExoLife will convert your emotions into 64 trillion possible emotional states creating a realtime dream experience for the gamer.
Dream is procedurally generated; each experience will be unique. Movement is simple, change your path by looking left and right with the VR headset or mouse. You can, and should, look everywhere, but your vertical path is predetermined by the ExoLife emotional states.
You are about to enter the Dream…

DREAM White Paper:

Under conditions of ‘evolutionary mismatch’ resulting from people living in environments, such as modern cities, overtime humans can develop a dysfunctional ‘drive’ out-of-balance emotional states. Fulfil basic cognitive drives (positive and negative) in awake period are a survival necessity due to evolutionarily and fundamental biologically goals. A dysfunctional ‘drive’ out-of-balance emotional states can effectively develop for not satisfying such primary goals. Dream VR experience could help to fulfil these primitive cognitive goals in the virtual reality.
Fredrickson’s work on the study of positive emotions. The substance of this theory lies in the notion that positive emotions play an essential role in our survival.
The theory suggests that negative emotions serve the opposite function of positive ones. When threatened with negative emotions like anxiety, fear, frustration, or anger, the mind constricts and focuses in on the imposing threat (real or imagined), thus limiting one’s ability to be open to new ideas and build resources and relationships. Designate a precise and fix mathematical survival value/ratio (1/3) is not a realistic approach as its value varies per human and is in constant evolution. However, research has adequately proved that the benefit of a high positivity/negativity ratio is solid. Dream will adapt positive and negative experience based on the player emotional response related to you needs, using the user emotional response as the regulator. Dream place the user in the nature its primary habitat where primal fundamental biologically goals used to be fulfil. The EPU positive emotion reward will drive overtime the user experience in positive emotions ratio to fly. When people experience positive emotions, their minds broaden and they open up to new possibilities and ideas. At the same time, positive emotions help people build their personal well-being resources, ranging from physical resources, to intellectual resources, and social resources (Fredrickson 2009).

Dream benefit is based into the findings that these resources as stated by Frederickson are durable and can be drawn upon in later moments, in different emotional states, to maintain well-being of the human in its daily life.

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