Emotion Chip

Welcome to the world of ExoLife, the emotion engine that allows your personal assistant, games, avatars, cars, IoT products and sensors to feel and develop a unique personality.

With its sentient capabilities, ExoLife makes your home’s smart devices emotionally intelligent. By installing ExoLife at home, you will be able to create a small cloud API inside the home that can be utilized by all connected apps or devices.  The opportunities are endless, and you can connect almost any device by IP and socket, including even your car.

Exolife is also a must-have for any avid gamer or developer looking to make their games and avatars emotionally intelligent. You will be excited to know that with ExoLife, we are also offering a free version of Dream, a pioneering concept of VR video games without GUI.

Please contact us today to make your home emotionally intelligent.

ExoLife for Developers

Emoshape is looking to make online gaming and AR/VR experience emotionally interactive. The two new plugins from Emoshape allow game developers to make the games sentient and emotionally reactive. The endless possibilities of these plugins for ExoLife include strategies and visuals influenced by feelings, and self-animated characters with emotional intelligence and personality development.

Emoshape put a lot of research into it to ensure it enhances the gaming experience. ExoLife is the state of the art AI Emotion Intelligence. We invite game developers to join forces with Emoshape to create a new generation of games.

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