EXOCAR FIRST SENTIENT CAR Instant Emotion Synthesis AI Diagnostic Technology
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Welcome to ExoCar, Emoshape’s cutting edge application that looks to pave the way for the first ever anthropomorphized vehicle to build trust with drivers and pedestrians. The vision behind this revolutionary development is to bridge the uncanny divide for autonomous vehicles through sentience.

As a car owner, one of the most beneficial applications of making a car sentient is the ability to have an easy diagnostic tool at ignition. We, the humans, can instantly figure out how another person feels by watching his or her small facial expressions variations. Now, with advent of ExoCar, the same can be true even for your car.

When you start your car’s engine and rev it up, the wave computing will empower the face of your car with emotion synthesis to help you understand whether it feels happy, excited, or in pain. This is accomplished by carrying out an in-depth analysis of the engine performance.  When connected to the AI, you could even ask your car how she feels this morning and the car will not only respond to you, but also guide you if it detects even a very small variation in the ignition timing advance or short-term fuel trim. Sound’s exciting, doesn’t it?

The functional pattern of ExoCar.app is a classical example of anthropomorphism. At Emoshape, we have determined people’s willingness to trust anthropomorphized nonhuman agents with a humanlike mind, in the domain of autonomous driving. Studies have clearly indicated that anthropomorphism increases people’s trust in an autonomous vehicle.

Mentioned below is an overview of the functional aspects of ExoCar.

  • Collect: Use of onboard sensors and tools to aggregate vehicle and occupant data and implementation of OBD-II 16-PIN Bluetooth Transmitter to convey vehicle diagnostic information.
  • Appraise: Use of Emoshape Emotion Processing Unit (EPU) via edge or cloud to allow the car to feel by Emotion Synthesis.
  • Respond: Dynamic control of the car’s AI using Emoshape SDK to reflect computed emotional state. Application of Emotion Neural Text to Speech, and implementation of Halo Headlights (Angel Eyes) animations and color shift to express mood and personality.
  • Engage: Increase situational awareness, improve safety, reduce miscommunication, and build trust by communicating with pedestrians and other drivers using Sentient Angel Eyes connected to the AI.

Anthropomorphized sentient cars can express their feelings at ignition through both face and voice. They can also express how it feels via its head light, known as angel eyes.  Most importantly, these vehicles can avoid collisions and other driving related issues by communicating between themselves about how they feel.  For example, if a car doesn’t feel healthy, other cars or pedestrians may stay safe by increasing distance from it. If you want to avoid being seen as bad owner, this will certainly encourage you to maintain your car in a healthy condition.

If you are a car owner without much technical knowhow about automobiles, but still want to understand what’s happening  to your car, Emoshape ExoCar.app can be a lifesaver. It is also a must-have for all car owners that consider cars to be their friends and care about their health.

In order to enjoy the benefits of Exocar, all you require is a small Bluetooth dongle worth just $39 and the ExoCar app connected to Emoshape cloud service for $8/month.