EPU 3 – Steal or Starvation?

The EPU 3 Emotion Chip successfully completed it’s first beta tests in Chinese and Japanese for emotion understanding & reasoning.

Emotion Chip

The EPU3 SDK not only includes emotion face analysis but also recognition, gender and age detection, and tone of voice analysis. All these stimuli, including any additional sensors, are sent in real-time to the EPU. The EPU generates the synthetic emotional response by wave computing. This process allows the host AI or robot to experience 64 trillion possible distinct emotional states every 1/10th of a second. The plug-and-play EPU technology brings AI closer to sentient machines.

Steal or Starve?

Emoshape AI with an EPU3 inside was was posed the moral dilemma: Would you prefer to steal or starve? and asked to take an emotional decision. Learning from Wikipedia both concepts our AI replied like most humans would have done it, it would steal. You can understand why in this graph…

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