Emoshape Update – CEO


Over the past few months, new developments have taken place thick and fast at Emoshape, and it is my pleasure to share them with all of you.

Ever since the inception of Emoshape mid-2017, the company’s valuation has increased steadily on a regular basis. Inspired by the trust of our investors, we recently delivered the first Emotion Chip cloud server ever created based on our flagship EPU3.  There is no other cloud server similar to the one developed by Emoshape because its concept and electronics has been invented and designed from the scratch.

Bare ESS about to receive their EPU3 clusters – Emoshape inc.

You would be happy to know that we have also created an online shop for the cloud server where anyone will be able to rent one or multiple core (persona) instantly. With our cloud service up and running, we are now looking to emerge as a dominant force in the gaming industry. In that regards, a new pipeline has recently been put in place to grow our sales.

Another key development for Emoshape has been the accomplishment of Proof of Concept (POC) as the first ever emotion voice for AI, Chatbot and robots. This feat was achieved by our team in partnership with our client Deepzen. The new capability of the EPU3 to embed in real-time Emotion Synthesis markup in text is an important step for Human Machine Interaction at a time when sentiment analysis has proven insufficient to deliver information to correctly control emotion neural Text to Speech engine. Emoshape predict strong revenues from emotion synthetic voices in healthcare, banking, entertainment…

Emotion Synthesis via the EPU is the only solution on the market today that facilitates empathy at scale. The EPU allows intelligent machines to both detect human emotion and have their own feelings by understanding what the patient is experiencing. It can express these feelings in return sensitively and without judgment.

As always, we have continued to expand our clientele in the recent months with the inclusion of several high-profile organizations. We are proud to welcome a new German multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Munich and two major automotive companies as the latest clients of Emoshape.

Finally, it makes us extremely happy to inform you that the final version of our strong patent for the first emotion chip has recently gone public and the fees paid for its first year. This patent officially recognizes Emoshape Inc. and myself as the inventor of the Emotion Processing Unit (EPU) for intelligent machines.

Hope all of you enjoyed going through these updates just as much I did sharing them. Do stay tuned-in because we have a lot more coming up very soon.

Cheers …

Patrick Levy-Rosenthal

Emoshape Inc.