Emoshape Selected for the Fall 2018 Batch of Plug and Play Accelerator Program

Emoshape is pleased to announce their participation in the fall 2018 batch of the Plug and Play accelerator program. This has been confirmed by Plug and Play after Emoshape finished in the top 4% of their stringent selection process. 

“After discussing with our corporate partners, we’re thrilled to invite you into the next batch of our Innovation Platform,” said Janis Skriveris from Plug and Play.

A global innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley, Plug and Play is known for their accelerator programs that have been instrumental in the advancement of technology by supporting the world’s most promising start-ups. Emoshape is proud to be the part of the Plug and Play tradition that has previously accelerated numerous technology heavyweights including Google, PayPal and Logitech.

Emoshape was also contacted recently by the Transformative Technology Academy to be a part of their upcoming batch. This one-month program is designed to support the entrepreneurs and innovators in expanding human possibilities by using advanced technology. As a participant in this program, Emoshape looks forward to interacting with the industry leaders, networking in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and gain access to investors interested in transformative technology.

An innovator in the rapidly evolving AI space, Emoshape has been in the news repeatedly for their Emotion Processing Unit or EPU. Many industry leaders have already tipped EPU to be a gamechanger because it not only understands and generates all emotional states, but accomplishes the same via web computing. Therefore, real time control of a robot’s different facial expressions and body languages is possible. Emoshape initially ventured into developing the Emotion Chip to try and avoid a negative singularity for the humans. Emoshape predicts that humans will interact more with intelligent machines compared to other humans before the end of the current century.

With EPU II, Emoshape earned the distinction of creating the industry’s first ever emotion chip synthesis engine. Emoshape believes in continuous improvement, and is currently in the final stages of developing Emotion Chip 3. With additional capabilities such as human voice tone analysis, three languages per EPU, eight personas at the same time, and cloud service readiness, EPU 3 will go into production in early 2019.