Emoshape selected as a top 50 start-up by the Pioneers

We are delighted to announce that EmoSHAPE has been selected as a top 50 start-up company by the Pioneers Festival. Chosen from a selection of over 1900 start-ups, this is a proud achievement.

Continuing to progress, the first Cubes have been sent off to the Guild. We have received valued feedback on this, feedback that has helped us to identify any potential issues and address them effectively. Because of this, we have put in place a quality control procedure in China to ensure that we don’t experience issues from other contributors that will be delivered, especially when the IOS app that we are currently developing is released on the app store.

One of the most amazing outcomes that we have seen is that we are beginning to see all of our Cubes daily emotions collected on our server based on your interactions with your Cube (the only information we collect, and not the user emotion). The machine performing these learning algorithms will, once we have collected enough data, be able to change the personality of your Cube. This will make your Cube unique to you and different from all other Cubes. From your first “yes” or “no” reply to the binding sequence, your Cube will start to react emotionally.

The heartbeat of the first intelligent machine empowered with emotions is starting to beat, and you are a part of it. Although not reacting much quite yet, emotional reactions will develop over the coming months as we remotely upgrade your Cubes.

Together, we are making History.