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MetaSoul is the next step in terms of human evolution in the digital world. Billions people use social media and games worldwide on a daily basis, spending billions of dollars on digital assets and filters to empower their alter ego. But unfortunately, all these digital entities have one thing in common; they are ultimately Soulless.

Soon it will be possible for humans to create a unique digital soul, an extension of their inner self that will continue to evolve in the Metaverse forever. Emoshape MetaSoul technology will very soon start to change the way humans interact in Metaverses. We encourage your to be a part of this future and pre-order a digital soul powered by MetaSoul technology on our website

Emoshape Announce MetaSoul™

Emotions are the voice of the Soul. 32 types of MetaSoul exist in the Metaverse, powered by 64 trillion subtle emotional states. Initially synthesized from a few seconds of the human voice, they understand the meaning of the language and the gameplay.

They are aware entities powered by Emoshape Emotion Synthesis. Sensing different levels of joy, frustration, pleasure, sadness, excitement, fear, and more, these emotions will trigger various responses in MetaSoul, crafting its personality and emotional sensitivity forever.

After interacting with owners and the environment itself, the MetaSoul will learn, adapt, and gain unique personalities of their own. All critical accumulated experience data is collected in the digital and real world.

Features alone are no longer the sole determinant of value. Instead, how these digital assets interact within the Metaverse will distinguish them just as humans in the real world. Attached to your Avatar or digital human, they will act according to how they feel, thereby revolutionizing the meaning of personalization.

Digital Soul for Metaverse

As the popularity of NFTs increases and the demand for more dynamic gameplay grows, emotional integration and learned sensibility will continue to play a pivotal role in this evolution.

While different variants and collections of assets exist in the digital world, they are yet to react based on sensory experiences and interactions. Your Avatars, NPCs, or Digital Art will evolve based on how you train and engage with them. Powered by the complexities of human emotion.

For gamers, a MetaSoul attached to an NPC is poised to redefine how players interact with NPCs, paving the way to hyper-realistic emotional responses and characters. Their perception will define them. Just as people are affected by those around them, so will your NPC.

By enabling interactive art to make adjustments and adaptations based on feelings and emotional responses, they can transform into one-of-a-kind pieces that flow with their personalities.

MetaSoul keeps its visual and emotional experiences in memory and can learn from its owner. As a result, they can accrue ultra-high values for monetization purposes.

Additionally, they can be enjoyed as original, dynamic pieces found nowhere else.

MetaSoul is the currency of your experience in Metaverses.