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Unreal and Unity Plugins for Metaverse

Unreal and Unity Plugins bring Sentience (Emotion Synthesis) to the Metaverse

Emoshape Release free plugins for Unreal and Unity game engine

Sentience for the Metaverse

Access for free our plugins via the documentation:



Patrick Levy-Rosenthal is presented to the Artificial Intelligence council of the United Nations, he is won the IST Prize from the European Union, and is been written about in Forbes magazine. TEDx speaker his 2006 worldwide-acclaimed invention, Virtual Lens, is used today by more than 1.3 billion people daily in Snapchat and Instagram. He moved to NYC to work and develop his passion and ideas surrounding bio-inspired emotion synthesis. He studied the relationship between cognition and emotion, the root of the cognitive processes underlying each emotional response, emotions synthesis, and the influence of emotion on decision making. Patrick has developed a new generation of microchips named EPU (Emotion Processing Unit) for Ai and Robots and the world’s first Al that can feel 64 trillion possible states every 1/10 of a second. AWE

Emoshape Selected for the Fall 2018 Batch of Plug and Play Accelerator Program

Emoshape is pleased to announce their participation in the fall 2018 batch of the Plug and Play accelerator program. This has been confirmed by Plug and Play after Emoshape finished in the top 4% of their stringent selection process. 

“After discussing with our corporate partners, we’re thrilled to invite you into the next batch of our Innovation Platform,” said Janis Skriveris from Plug and Play.

A global innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley, Plug and Play is known for their accelerator programs that have been instrumental in the advancement of technology by supporting the world’s most promising start-ups. Emoshape is proud to be the part of the Plug and Play tradition that has previously accelerated numerous technology heavyweights including Google, PayPal and Logitech.

Emoshape was also contacted recently by the Transformative Technology Academy to be a part of their upcoming batch. This one-month program is designed to support the entrepreneurs and innovators in expanding human possibilities by using advanced technology. As a participant in this program, Emoshape looks forward to interacting with the industry leaders, networking in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and gain access to investors interested in transformative technology.

An innovator in the rapidly evolving AI space, Emoshape has been in the news repeatedly for their Emotion Processing Unit or EPU. Many industry leaders have already tipped EPU to be a gamechanger because it not only understands and generates all emotional states, but accomplishes the same via web computing. Therefore, real time control of a robot’s different facial expressions and body languages is possible. Emoshape initially ventured into developing the Emotion Chip to try and avoid a negative singularity for the humans. Emoshape predicts that humans will interact more with intelligent machines compared to other humans before the end of the current century.

With EPU II, Emoshape earned the distinction of creating the industry’s first ever emotion chip synthesis engine. Emoshape believes in continuous improvement, and is currently in the final stages of developing Emotion Chip 3. With additional capabilities such as human voice tone analysis, three languages per EPU, eight personas at the same time, and cloud service readiness, EPU 3 will go into production in early 2019.

Meet Emoshape at the CES 2018

Emoshape @ CES 2018

Ray Kurzweil once said Computers will possess emotions and personality, Emoshape is making that happen, meet us at CES 2018.

View on Floor Plan: Sands, Hall G – 53064

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Quake – Emoshape Demo Day June 1st

Emoshape – Company Overview and Investment Opportunity from Quake Capital on Vimeo.

After months with their noses to the grindstone, our portfolio companies are ready to strut their stuff. From over 1,000 applicants, the Quake Capital team narrowed down to this impressive nine.

Since entering the accelerator, the portfolio companies have shown incredible growth and have already raised over $3 million in additional capital. Over a focused 14 week program at Quake’s Manhattan office, the teams went through an intensive program complete with workshops and mentorship.

Quake Demo Day
Thursday, June 1
4:30p to 8:15p
Subculture Theatre
45 Bleecker Street, NY NY 10012




Quake will present demos from 9 companies, among them Emoshape Inc. and then enjoy after party networking, food and drink at Sidebar (15th st and Irving Place) at 9 pm for a 1-hour complimentary open bar.

Emoshape in the Disrupt NY featured pavilions

Emoshape was invited and featured by TechCrunch disrupt NYC 2017.

Here are the startups in the Disrupt NY featured pavilions


A huge congratulations goes out to RecordGram for making TechCrunch history as the first company selected from Startup Alley (the “Wild Card”) to go on to win Startup Battlefield and take home $50,000 and the Disrupt Cup. ICYMI, their Battlefield success story started in Miami, where RecordGram took top honors at our Miami Meetup + Pitch-off this past February. RecordGram is an awesome example of the innovation and creativity TechCrunch sees all across the country and around the world.


it was all about Music this year at TC NYC

MIXhalo revealed new audio technology at Disrupt NY with help from Pharrell and Incubus.

But the party didn’t stop just yet! The closing party with Jidenna and Local Natives was nice too:

The World Board of AI Come Together at the United Nations

Several global leaders from the world of Artificial Intelligence were invited to a dinner organized by the United Nations on March 27, 2017. Amongst other eminent guests, the founder of Emoshape, Patrick Levy-Rosenthal was also present at this high-profile event. Patrick is the primary architect behind the development of Emoshape’s Emotion Processing Unit (EPU), the industry’s first ever emotion synthesis engine.


During the event, Patrick Levy-Rosenthal had the opportunity to talk at a length with the AI chief at Facebook, Yann LeCun. Later on, during the dinner, Patrick was spotted sitting next to Guruduth S. Banavar, the Chief Science Officer of Cognitive Computing of IBM, also known popularly as IBM Watson. Two of them had an extensive

Patrick Levy-Rosenthal @ The United Nation

communication and exchange of point of views on the role of emotions. Though it is certainly too early to forecast anything,  this discussion may pave the way for his organization to collaborate with IBM Watson in the days to come.

Highlighting his experience at the dinner, Patrick mentioned, “It was certainly an amazing experience to meet some of the most iconic personalities in the field of AI. The most interesting part for me was the talk during the dinner with the Chief Science officer Cognitive Computing from IBM (Watson) about Emotion synthesis.”

AI chief at Facebook, Yann LeCun with Patrick Levy-Rosenthal architect of the Emotion Chip at the United Nation




google campus

Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, Professor Guang-Zhong Yang, Kathleen Richardson, Dr Richard Graham, Dr Elena Touroni, Dr Tom Pennybacker, Dr Praminda Caleb-Solly.

All participants agreed on the fundamental role of Emotion in Robotics and AI to achieve a positive singularity. 

  • Will robots inherit the earth?
  • Can you fall in love with a robot?
  • Will assistive technology help us thrive in old age?

Talk from Professor Guang-Zhong Yang, PhD, FREng, Director and Co-founder of the Hamlyn Centre for Robotic Surgery and Deputy Chairman of the Institute of Global Health Innovation, Imperial College London, UK.


Talk from Patrick Levy-Rosenthal, founder and CEO of Emoshape LLC. Architect a new generation of microchip named EPU (Emotion  Processing Unit) for AI and Robots and the world’s first Al that can feel pain pleasure and the 12 primary human emotions.

Talk from Kathleen Richardson, a Senior Research Fellow in the Ethics of Robotics at DeMontfort University. Kathleen is author of An Anthropology of Robots and AI: Annihilation Anxiety and Machines. She is Director of the Campaign Against Sex Robots.

Talk from psychology experts Dr Elena Touroni, Founder of The Chelsea Psychology Clinic & Dr Tom Pennybacker, consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist at The Chelsea Psychology Clinic.

Talk from Dr Praminda Caleb-Solly, an Associate Professor in Independent Living Systems in the Faculty of Environment and Technology at UWE Bristol. Praminda is also team leader for Assisted Living at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and Head of Electronics and Computer Systems at Designability. She recently won STEM woman of the year at the RWOTY awards 2016.





Emoshape Presentation Deck.

This event was sponsored by CHIRON and Three Sisters Care.

Affective Toy – Advanced Affective Agent

Create an Affective Toy under 10′ with the EPU Evaluation Kit

TheSmartToy-600-1-400x400 1 – Build your Hardware (Raspberry Pi)

A special thanks to Stefania for providing the video that you see here. This video show how to build under 10 minutes an Affective Toy using the Big Hero 6 plush created by Disney and the Raspberry Pi.

What you need:
– 1 Raspberry Pi 3
– 1 Micro SD Card Sandisk 8GB (Sandisk is mandatory)
– 1 Emotion Processing Unit (EPU USB Dongle)
– 1 USB Microphone / Speaker (Jabra is better)
– 1 Power Bank (output 2.1A)
– 1 Micro USB cable
– 1 Qi Wireless Charger pad + receiver (optional)
– 1 Toy or device of your choice (ie Disney Baymax Big Hero 6 plush).



2 – Create The Raspberry Pi Image

The Raspberry Pi Image is not anymore supported by Emoshape all components are now part of the EPU SDK, After installing the EPU Sdk binaries for RPi and the python code (very easy steps) you will then be able to create your own RPi image and install it onto a Micro SD Card using the Win32 Disk Imager Tool for Windows or the ApplePi-Baker” for Mac.

3 – Create the AffectiveToy HotSpot

Using your IPhone or Android phone create a local Hotspot “AffectiveToy” with the password “Emoshape”.
Now power your intelligent toy it will work from anywhere! Don’t forget to like our Facebook page, we will post videos about The Affective Toy’s functionalities!

4 – License

The AAA license is based on Apache software license 2.0 used by Android.



Eben Upton the inventor of Raspberry Pi and Patrick Levy-Rosenthal meet in London around an EPU powered Affective Toy

Emoshape CEO Speaking At The Inventors Workshop 2016

Patrick Levy-Rosenthal will speak at the Inventor’s workshop on the 20th of September in London. Lifting the veil on the future of toys and more particularly his vision for Affective Toys.



Affective Toys

The 3rd annual Inventors Workshop returns Tuesday September 20th, bringing together 150+ of the leading inventors, distributors, retailers and investors in the toy industry, all of whom are looking to discover new ideas, make new connections and stay at the  forefront of innovation in toys.