Artificial General Intelligence will not resemble human intelligence

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“Synthesizing emotions

In a Forbes article, Empathy in Artificial Intelligence, Jun Wu gushes:

In order for Artificial Intelligence to empathize with human emotions, artificial intelligence must have a way of learning about the range of emotions that we experience.

Emoshape is the first company to hold the patent technology for emotional synthesis. The emotion chip or EPU developed by Emoshape can enable any AI System to understand the range of emotions experienced by humans. At any moment, the EPU can understand 64 trillion possible emotional states every 1/10th of a second. The range of your emotions is mapped onto a gradient where each emotion’s degree can be observed.

Let’s be clear here, “understand” does not mean process. Mapping to a gradient would imply a discrete value assigned, which is a pretty primitive way to represent emotions.”

Emoshape do not map to a gradient, this would be extremely primitive….

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