Affective Toy – Advanced Affective Agent

Create an Affective Toy under 10′ with the EPU Evaluation Kit

TheSmartToy-600-1-400x400 1 – Build your Hardware (Raspberry Pi)

A special thanks to Stefania for providing the video that you see here. This video show how to build under 10 minutes an Affective Toy using the Big Hero 6 plush created by Disney and the Raspberry Pi.

What you need:
– 1 Raspberry Pi 3
– 1 Micro SD Card Sandisk 8GB (Sandisk is mandatory)
– 1 Emotion Processing Unit (EPU USB Dongle)
– 1 USB Microphone / Speaker (Jabra is better)
– 1 Power Bank (output 2.1A)
– 1 Micro USB cable
– 1 Qi Wireless Charger pad + receiver (optional)
– 1 Toy or device of your choice (ie Disney Baymax Big Hero 6 plush).



2 – Create The Raspberry Pi Image

The Raspberry Pi Image is not anymore supported by Emoshape all components are now part of the EPU SDK, After installing the EPU Sdk binaries for RPi and the python code (very easy steps) you will then be able to create your own RPi image and install it onto a Micro SD Card using the Win32 Disk Imager Tool for Windows or the ApplePi-Baker” for Mac.

3 – Create the AffectiveToy HotSpot

Using your IPhone or Android phone create a local Hotspot “AffectiveToy” with the password “Emoshape”.
Now power your intelligent toy it will work from anywhere! Don’t forget to like our Facebook page, we will post videos about The Affective Toy’s functionalities!

4 – License

The AAA license is based on Apache software license 2.0 used by Android.



Eben Upton the inventor of Raspberry Pi and Patrick Levy-Rosenthal meet in London around an EPU powered Affective Toy