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Sentient Machines Finally Becomes Reality with Emoshape’s Emotion Synthesis

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Emoshape today initiates a giant leap forward for Artificial Intelligence with the introduction of EPU (Emotion Processing Unit), the industry’s first emotion synthesis engine. This patent pending technology empowers...
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纽约–(BUSINESS WIRE)–(美国商业资讯)–随着情绪处理单元(EPU)的推出,Emoshape今天在人工智能方面取得巨大飞跃,EPU是业界首个情绪合成(emotion synthesis)引擎。这项专利申请中的技术让机器能够利用情感合成来处理和合成各种情绪,从而有效地与人类互动。...
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