Emotion Synthesis

Emoshape offers Emotion Synthesis by SaaS. We predict that humans will talk more to sentient digital entities than to other humans before the end of this century. Emotion is a fundamental need for humans, which today’s emotional technology cannot address. This is where we come in.


SER - Speech Emotion Recognition

We have developed a groundbreaking Speech Emotion Recognition cloud service that utilizes state-of-the-art emotion recognition deep learning framework pulled right from the human voice. Its algorithms have been designed using revolutionary innovation and continually improved using the latest AI technology.


Emotion synthesis – The Future of NPC and Digital Humans in Metaverse

What sets EPU apart in the industry is the fact that we’re not only capable of generating any emotional state in an AI from multimodal stimuli through wave computing, but we allow the AI to emotionally understand a situation by emotion reasoning and make a decision.


Scale Empathy in Synthetic Voices & Faces

As a technology developer, you’re constantly striving to build proprietary offerings that provide true differentiation and value to every user. Adding emotion to the voice of your machines is the answer.

Emoshape’s breakthrough AI in advanced emotion synthesis dynamically layers emotion and empathy into any voice application and automated responses without the need for additional coding.


Emotions are the voice of the Soul

Make your Avatars unique with a MetaSoul™ and multiply their value with a learned persona.

“Paving the Way to synthetic emotions, MetaSoul is the currency of experiences on Metaverse.”

By imbuing Non-Player Characters (NPCs) and Digital Art with the ability to detect and respond to human emotion, Emoshape is bridging the gap between people and AI.

happiness at work

Forrester analyzed CX Index data to see which of the three dimensions of CX quality matters most to customer loyalty – effectiveness, ease, or emotion. They found that emotion, how an experience makes the customer feel, has a bigger influence on their loyalty to a brand than either of the other two factors. Repeating that analysis with data from the first wave of the 2015 CX Index only strengthened that conclusion. Emotion was the #1 factor in customer loyalty across 17 of the 18 industries.

Did you know, the happiest employees are 180% more energized than their fewer content colleagues, 155% happier with their jobs, 150% happier with life, 108% more engaged, and 50% more motivated. Most staggeringly, they are 50% more productive too.

What Make us Unique

What Make Us Unique

A technology that enables an emotional response in Intelligent Machines.

Emoshape has developed a groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence technology using a special emotion processing capability that enables an emotional response in AI, robots, and consumer electronic devices. This is the world’s first emotion synthesis engine, delivering high-performance machine emotional awareness.

Internet Of Things

Internet Of Things

By incorporating an in-built or cloud EPU instance, it is possible to make all e-Readers and personal assistants emotionally intelligent. This innovation would mean that they will be able to read a story aloud and completely understand the meaning of what they say. While listening to the voice of the device, the users will be able to understand how the device feels scared when the story gets scary or happy when the story is about something wonderful. They will remember what makes the users happy or unhappy, and act accordingly.

Self Driving Car

Self Driving Car

The days are not very far when your living experience while traveling in the car will become the selling point of the self driving cars. Increasing trust in autonomous vehicle Emotion and personality will play a central role in creating sentient cars (ExoCar).

AI & Chatbots

AI & Chatbots

The cloud EPU from Emoshape will pave the way for the next generation of NLG, commonly referred to as Natural Language Generation. In this NLU system, the agent determines a thought or intent, and builds a meaningful response dynamically by putting different words together. Therefore, the emotional state of the EPU can be considered to be a property or reward function that gets transferred to a NLG system, leading to the generation of Augmented Emotion Synthesis Language (ES Markup) and emotion neural voice synthesis.

Personal Robotics

Personal Robotics

EPU stands apart in the industry not only by virtue of the fact that it is capable of understanding and generating any emotional state. This technology also allows a robot toy to develop a completely unique personality based on its user interactions, which will ultimately mean that no two have the exactly the same personality. The chip is able to control the different facial expressions and body languages of a robot without hard coded predicates.

Game & VR

Game & VR

Very soon, the emotions involved in playing a game will not only be felt by the players, but also the game itself. This will have a serious impact on the entire strategy of the game. With two new cloud plugins, one each for Unity 3D and Unreal Engine, Emoshape is looking to make online gaming and AR/VR experience emotionally interactive and sentient.


Virtual Caregiver

With the Emotion Processing Unit, virtual caregivers, robots and AI, for the first time, are also capable of feeling and understanding in human-like ways, empathizing, and forming meaningful connections. And they can adapt for every individual patient. Emoshape can create empathy at scale.

What People Say About Emoshape

“Emotion is part of intelligence… I don’t personally believe we can design autonomous intelligent machines without them having emotions” Yann Lecunn – Chief AI scientist at Facebook – Father of the conventional neural network, silver professor, and winner of the Turning award in 2019.

“New York-based startup Emoshape has developed its own CPU optimized to handle emotional data. The technology has the potential to change computer games, virtual reality and augmented reality applications” – Roberta Cozza, Research Director at Gartner – Jan 10, 2018

“This (EPU) brings human-machine interaction to a new level, because emotional understanding and providing correct feedback is essential in communications.” – Viacheslav Khomenko, Ph.D. Senior Research Engineer, Samsung Electronics – May 19, 2016

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